Joma WPT T.Slam 2301

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Intended for professional use in high-frequency training and competition and ideal for medium-high weight paddle players. These are the most complete Joma padel shoes, which combine stability, reactivity and cushioning. The cut has been made of textile and synthetic material.

In the textile, VTS technology has been added, a ventilation system that keeps the temperature of the foot unchanged. The synthetic material is inserted without seams to keep the shoes light, at the same time that it protects and adjusts the cut. The use of the REACTIVE BALL technology in the midsole gives it great cushioning. It is a material that expands easily, so it is designed to reduce sudden impacts while quickly recovering its shape, boosting the output. In addition, the midsole is made up of another higher-density upper phylon base that provides stability to the tread as part of the FULL DUAL PULSOR system. This phyon is sectioned with FLEXO flexion lines, which allow the shoes to adapt to the footprint in an ergonomic way. They have a STABILIS piece to stabilize the footprint and avoid inappropriate turns. The sole is made of DURABILITY rubber, highly resistant to abrasion wear. This material extends the useful life of the shoes.


Textile and synthetic upper with integrated VTS ventilation system

Double phylon midsole of different densities FULL DUAL PULSOR with REACTIVE BALL

DURABILITY rubber sole with integrated STABILIS