Adidas Adipower Legend 3.3

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The new Adipower Legend puts the power of one of the greatest padel players of all time in your hands.

With experience comes knowledge. And that degree of knowledge is why the new Adipower Legend by Seba Nerone has enabled us to provide you with a racket that has everything you need to achieve excellence on the court. It features everything that has made our legend one of the best players ever. Maximum power is guaranteed by the Power Embossed Ridge and Dual Exoskeleton technologies. The best spin comes from Spin Blade Roughness. This new Legend model is made of EVA Soft Performance rubber on the inside and 3K Carbon fibre on the surface. This combination provides a total balance between rigidity and feel. The Diamond Oversize shape facilitates the attacking game, while the Structural Reinforcement technology ensures greater durability.


Dual Exoskeleton is a reinforcement based on double-height carbon fibre ribs in the core and frame of the racket. The aim is to provide rigidity and resistance to torsion to guarantee the best performance in the most powerful shots.


The Spin Blade technology consists of a roughness on the surface of the racket to provide maximum reactions with the ball especially when creating different effects. It allows you to create devilish ball spin and achieve the most difficult to read shots on the court.


EVA Soft Performance rubber is a lightweight compound that ensures the best ball output and reactions during a rally. It is a relatively flexible material, ideal for both control and attack styles of game. A guarantee in terms of comfort and performance.

Brand Adidas 
Shape Diamond Oversize
Balance High
Level Advanced
Gender Unisex
Core Eva Soft Performance
Weight 360 - 375 Gr
Surface rough
Playing Style Power

Adidas Adipower Legend 3.3