Adidas CROSS IT CTRL 3.3

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The new CROSS IT CTRL is a racket for players who make handling and control in padel an art. It is a racket that revolutionizes the game through innovation. At the heart of this revolutionary racket is the biggest innovation. The Dynamic Air Flow is the best way to facilitate the flow of air in this part of the racket. This aerodynamic contribution reduces drag, increases the speed of movement, and thus increases the capacity of the racket to produce power. To enhance the power you can generate, the racket features Extra Power Grip, a new longer grip that moves the balance to the head of the racket. The Carbon Aluminized 15K fiber and the EVA High Memory rubber concentrate the greater rigidity to reinforce this capacity. The Eleven 13 technology incorporates smaller than normal diameter holes in the head to improve the durability of the racket.


Aerodynamics has arrived in the world of padel. This technology reduces air resistance in the neck area of the racket to gain speed in the execution of shots, especially the most powerful ones.


A new way of arranging the holes that improves the durability and power capacity of the racket. They consist of smaller holes than usual located in the central part of the head. In this way, the central part of the head gains in consistency and rigidity.


The grip of the racket is longer than usual. This means that the balance of the racket is concentrated in the head, a factor that allows for more inertia and better performance on powerful shots.

Brand Adidas
Shape Round


Level  Advanced
Gender Men
Core EVA High Memory
Face Carbon Aluminized 15k
Weight 360-375
Surface Medium
Playing Style Control


Adidas CROSS IT CTRL 3.3