Nox Ml10 pro cup 3k luxury series 2024

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Nox ML10 Pro Cup 3K Luxury 2024 By Miguel Lamperti is a top control racket where you are above all presented with unrivalled comfort and touch. The racket is the direct successor to the popular 2023 version, and in the ML10 Pro Cup 3K Luxury 2024 racket, the control player can still look forward to a round head shape and a head-light weight balance.

Compared to the 2023 version, the key features of the racket have been retained and even managed to add some exciting new features on the technology front. The racket's shape and frame have been made more aerodynamic to add even more manoeuvrability, while the racket's shaft has been given vibration dampening measures for increased comfort.

Compared to most other top-end rackets in the Nox collection, the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2024 is distinguished by its softer 3k carbon frame, where others are typically 12k or even up to 18k. The 3k carbon surface makes this racket significantly more forgiving and gentle on the elbow, and there are several examples of experienced players switching from rackets with harder surfaces to this racket to prevent overuse injuries.


Brand NOX
Shape Round
Balance Low
Level  Advanced
Gender Unisex
Core  HR3 rubber
Face Carbon 3K
Weight 360-375 
Surface Rough
Playing Style Control

Nox Ml10 pro cup 3k luxury series 2024