Siux Electra Pro ST3

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This new Stupa shovel has a good sweet spot and is very maneuverable. Although it has a hybrid shape, the balance is distributed a little more towards the head. In addition, thanks to its somewhat hard touch, it provides great power and good ball output.


  • AVS (Anti Vibration System): Shockout antivibrators reduce racket vibrations. With less than a gram of weight, they reduce vibration by up to 60%. The player can choose the distribution that suits them best.
  • EH (Eva Hard): Racket core with High density EVA rubber. It is a 360 rubber with medium/hard touch that provides great power.
  • RB (Reinforced Bridge): Carbon fiber reinforcements in the most fragile areas on the racket’s heart. Thanks to this technology high rigidity is obtained and reduces the possibility of breakage.
  • 15K Carbon: Provides the racket with perfect balance between power, ball output, resistance, and stiffness.
  • ATB (Anti Torsion Bridge): Reinforcement in the bridge and heart of the padel racket that provides more rigidity. This technology provides greater precision and prevents deformations in the hits.
  • DPG (Dual Pro Grip): Combined absorption system. Its inner foam band provides greater cushioning to absorb vibrations from impacts. In addition, it creates a spiral relief that provides an incredible grip.
  • Top Spin: Surface finish of the padel racket with sandpaper effect. With this system you get better effects on the hits due to the greater friction with the ball.

Racket is sold separately without cover

 It's common for a small amount of the grip to come off when removing the plastic seal on a racket. This is due to the heat sealing process used to adhere the plastic, and it doesn't in any way affect the functionality or validity of the racket or grip.


Brand Siux
Shape Teardrop
Balance Medium
Level Advanced
Gender Men
Core Hard EVA
Face Carbon 15K
Weight 355-375g
Surface Medium
Playing Style Power- Control

Siux Electra Pro ST3