Siux Pegasus Revolution Cube

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The revolutionary Pegasus Revolution CUBE has a mix between 3K carbon and 24K carbon fiber as well as glass fiber , so it achieves a smoother and harder surface, ideal for players looking for more power.

This consists of a flat bi-tubular carbon that joins the four-arm bridge, offering greater absorption of vibrations.


  • Shockouts: Small cylinders that are inserted into the holes of the racquets to reduce vibrations by up to 60%.
  • EHR: Eva Ultra Soft High Recovery rubber with 5 laminations. Designed to provide greater speed in the ball output. In addition, it is a rubber known for its high recovery speed after each blow.
  • Bitube Carbon Frame: To provide the racket with more rigidity and resistance, and greater hardness against breakage due to blows.
  • Carbon CUBE: Helps achieve a harder and drier hit providing an extra point of power to the racket.
  • Rowing Structure: Siux's own technology increases the lightness and manageability of the racket.

Racket is sold separately without cover

*It's common for a small amount of the grip to come off when removing the plastic seal on a racket. This is due to the heat sealing process used to adhere the plastic, and it doesn't in any way affect the functionality or validity of the racket or grip.


Brand Siux 

Balance Medium
Level Advanced-Professional
Gender Unisex
High Recovery EVA
Carbon Cube
Weight 355-375g
Surface Smooth
Playing Style Power

Siux Pegasus Revolution Cube